Records Sorting

We provide a range of medical records sorting services including a lower cost chronological sorting option or a more traditional sorting service where records are separated into clinical sections in chronological order by a practicing nurse.

Regardless of which option is preferred on a given case sorted records are presented in an agreed format within 8 working days of receipt accompanied by a detailed index where appropriate.

Where records are being sorted into clinical sections we have a team of senior practicing nurses to ensure the records are sorted and paginated to a consistently high standard. We only use practising nurses in this quality control exercise to ensure familiarity with contemporaneous forms and best practice. A memo will accompany the sorted records containing information about missing / incomplete records.

Where a lower cost chronological sort with crux extraction is requested records are sorted into chronological order by an administrator.  A nurse will then check the sorted records and extract the key section(s) of notes (crux) presenting these as a separate document.