Collation & Chronology


Records are digitally sorted in our unique, market-leading application, which means that we are entirely paperless (where records are not disclosed to us in paper format). The sort is to an agreed specification on which we have received extensive feedback from experts and lawyers and includes the identification of key admissions and separation into clinical sections, with any duplicates and blank pages removed. This is checked by an experienced clinician prior to upload to MedBrief and presented in an agreed format, within 10 working days of receipt, accompanied by a detailed index. A memorandum will accompany the sorted records containing information about any identified missing and incomplete records.



Our chronologies are completed by a senior clinician and include identification of suggested relevant experts and questions to be put forward, as well as a narrative summary of events and a radiology schedule. They are further checked by a senior clinician prior to release. Chronologies can be provided in an agreed format at a capped cost, 10 or 15 hours (25 hours for birth injury matters which includes both maternal and child chronologies). Alternatively, we can prepare a narrative summary memorandum either generally or on a case specific basis.