Case Merits Analysis & Birth Injury Review

Case Merits Analysis

We are pleased to offer our clients a fixed-fee case review service. MedBrief will obtain the records from the Defendant Trust which will be reviewed by our experienced clinical team. We will provide a narrative summary highlighting key areas of the Claimant’s treatment, any inconsistencies between the Claimant’s version of events and those reflected in the contemporaneous records, and reference to any relevant clinical guidelines.

At the earliest stage of a potential new claim, before spending significant fee-earner time or incurring disbursement cost, this unique service offers you clinical insight as to the level of confidence you should have in taking cases forward, based on the facts contained within the medical records.


Birth Injury Review

We have a highly experienced panel of registered, practising midwives, some of whom are Expert Witness trained. The team is led by a clinician practising since 2002, running clinical negligence claims since 2010 and who works alongside a number of the most well known experts in birth injury cases. MedBrief provides an initial records review for potential claims aiming to identify any areas which require further investigation with reference to any relevant practice guidelines.

The Birth Injury Review can then be used as a summary to assist in obtaining Legal Aid. We are fully aware of the LASPO criteria and understand the significant difficulties that lawyers often encounter when making Legal Aid applications for claimants. Our service to date has been 100% successful in obtaining Legal Aid first time on cases where we have identified areas of concern.